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Our history


After exploring the world for several years, passionate about travel and sewing, I decided to create my own backpack. I wanted it in my image, with a design reminding me of my greatest adventures.

My first prototype quickly pleased those around me. This is where the NINE JUNE story began.


We created a community on social media to announce the launch of the brand. During this period, we lent our prototypes to travelers in order to get feedback on the improvements to be made.

We finalized the prototypes, and at the beginning of May 2018, we launched a crowdfunding campaign which allowed us to sell 140 bags for an amount of 37,000 francs.

Two models are available to you: Adventurer and Nomad . It is possible to personalize them in order to have your unique model.

As for accessories, an aperitif kit , a fondue kit and a raclette kit which allow you to spend wonderful moments with your friends during your getaways.


After 4 years of activity and more than 2500 backpacks sold, our production of backpacks is exclusively produced in Switzerland. We made this choice in order to preserve our environment as much as possible. Producing locally has always been our goal.

We continue to develop new models and accessories in order to offer you many new products.

swiss made nine june backpacks