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Crowdfunding, an adventure as beautiful as it is challenging

by Christophe Hutzli

Le Crowdfunding, une aventure aussi belle qu’éprouvante

Christophe's testimony


It all starts with a very simple idea: “What if we did crowdfunding to help us finance our first production?” »

As they say, it's so easy to have an idea, but so hard to make it happen.

Preparing our crowdfunding lasted 6 months, 6 months of intense reflection in order to define and apply our strategy.

A crowdfunding campaign is a bit like a new companion who never leaves you: When you wake up, he is there, ready to remind you of his existence, he accompanies you throughout the day and of course he occupies your thoughts during your short nights.

He becomes one with you, he is inseparable from you throughout the preparation, not to mention the 30 days of adventure during which the campaign is active... There he is everywhere! You breathe crowdfunding, you eat crowdfunding, and you dream crowdfunding…

During the funding period, you are in a daze, ready to refresh the site page every 3 minutes, each time with a huge adrenaline rush when you count a new contributor and the disappointment of having to wait for the next one. You experience the iPhone grafted in your hand and your head in the numbers. In short, I became the king of the rule of three!

The effect of this campaign is as follows: I think I took 10 years in 30 days. You come out like a T-shirt from the wringer... Washed out, but so happy.

All this adventure to reach the ultimate goal…. The coveted 100%! It is difficult to explain the effect of the success of his campaign. A relief and a great desire to jump everywhere.

As obviously nothing is easy in such an experience, you understand that the hardest part remains to be done….

Continue the momentum, surf the wave of the success you so hoped for... You have evolved with your head in the handlebars for 30 days and this impression quickly brings you back to reality...

And now ? What do we do ? We are experiencing this phase of uncertainty, it is now up to us to find the path to sustainability and success. We believe in our project and we will do everything to implement it.

To you our community, I would like to thank you for your support. Without you, we cannot exist, you are now our ambassadors, be proud as we are proud to share our universe with you.

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