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New year, new product!

by Liliane Maibach

Nouvelle année, nouveau produit!

A new Nine June bag just for you girls!

Meeting the demands of our customers is a point that we put in the spotlight. This year, just for you girls, we came up with a slightly crazy idea: create a bag of the perfect size . Not too big, nor too small for that matter, practical for everyday life, the NJ-06 is the perfect bag for the urban woman looking for an original and chic accessory. In white or black, this 8 liter is designed like its PVC predecessors, airplane belt buckle and seat belt.

Did you know it?
Each of our bags have their stories and proudly carry the year of an important event in Christophe's life. NJ-76 - 1976 - year of his wife's birth. NJ-93 - 1993 - Christophe's unforgettable trip to Australia. For this year, Christophe did not fail in this tradition, NJ-06 - 2006 - birth of Maeva his daughter.

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