Festival backpack (8L)

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Designed to carry the bare necessities. It is the ideal backpack for your outings. An stylish companion for any occasion!

    Backpacks used to be for purely practical use and design didn't matter. Those times are gone. In recent years, backpacks have evolved into trendy and stylish accessories, adding a touch of freshness to every outfit. Thanks to its mini and modern design, NINE JUNE's “Festival” model is the perfect choice for going out in the evening, strolling around town, or shopping while having the hands free.

    NJ Festival Accessoire Mode

    You don't always have to take a lot with you. Sometimes all you need is your keys, your wallet, a lipstick and your phone. In this case, the “Festival”is ideal.

    NJ Festival en ville

    Its unique closure system, designed from a red airplane belt buckle, will not let you go unnoticed. Thanks to these resistant and high quality materials, your belongings will be protected from external aggressions: difficult to cut and tear off, it will make it difficult for pickpockets. And no more fears of rain showers or evening drinks, NINE JUNE bags resist all spills and are easy to clean!

    NJ Festival à la plage

    BackpacksNINE JUNEare made using high quality materials designed to last. Take care of him, and he'll always be there for you...

    NJ Festival en Vacances

    ...And if you really don't like it anymore,don't throw it away. We are givinga second lifeto our products by producingnew accessoriesfrom materialsrecycled. In addition, the realization of these products is carried out by people in professional reintegration!

    NJ Recyclage

    • Waterproof zippers
    • Foam reinforcements for the back
    • Seat belt suspenders
    • Side opening
    • Waterproof pocket accessible from the outside


    • Material: PVC
    • Dimensions: 21 x 10 x 31 cm
    • Maximum capacity: 8 liters
    • Weight: 0.8 kg
    • Made in Hong Kong
    We automatically donate CHF 1 per order to Summit Foundation. You will be able to make an additional donation when finalizing your order.

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